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I am SO glad that you are here. If you’ve found me it means that you must be a memory keeper- a person who knows how valuable it is to capture treasured moments. As a kid I was oblivious, but as I’ve gotten older I realized that my mom didn’t make it a point to take pictures. During the holidays, on birthdays, or on special occasions, my grandfather would dust off his Polaroid instant camera to snap a few photos. I can still remember the sound that his camera made when it spit out an undeveloped picture. I loved seeing him behind that camera. Nostalgia aside, a few Polaroid photos are all that I have left of my childhood and of the people I loved so deeply.

When my daughter was born, I promised myself I wouldn’t let the same thing happen to her childhood memories. I made it my mission to document everything- the momentous occasions and the quiet, everyday life- so she wouldn’t have to grow up replaying her life like an old dusty film in her mind. I have been intentionally and passionately documenting her life for the last six years. That is how I ended up behind my camera.

Did you grow up without family photos? Are there moments and people in your life that you don’t want to forget? I am here to help you capture and guard those memories for safekeeping.

If I’m not snapping photographs, I’m in scrubs. Although I call the Cumberland, Maryland area home, I have been a critical care registered nurse in my hometown of Winchester, Virginia for eight years. As a bedside nurse, I witness some of life’s most miraculous victories but I’m also incredibly aware of how unfair, and how quickly life can change. For these reasons, and many others, you can trust me to document the depth, the love, the strength, the passion, and the joy of the moments you wish to hold onto tightly. I am a lover of people and genuine moments. When you look at your photos you should see a true reflection of the person or people you wanted to capture. So, we don’t do posed and overly planned here. We do big belly laughs and magical moments. We do messy and chaotic. More importantly, we do real life, real moments, and love unscripted.

“When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”