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Elopement Photography

Your love story.
Your day.
Your way.

You’ve decided forever could never be long enough and now you’re looking to curate an elopement experience that honors your extraordinary connection, celebrates your commitment to each other, and truthfully captures the heart of the deep love you share.

This is your love story, and it should be told in a way that feels like yours- not someone else’s. Traditions, expectations, and the wedding industry be damned. Allowing your love to be the driving force behind every decision made on your wedding day creates a deeply meaningful experience that feels like home- no matter where you are.

If the thought of intimate, authentic moments on your wedding day stops you in your tracks, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or wildly spontaneous…whether you imagine exchanging vows with your lover in the middle of a breathtaking landscape or tucked away in a cozy hideaway, a Fire and Finch elopement allows you to truly immerse yourselves in the moment- and with each other.

When you trust me with your day you’re not just getting a photographer- you’re getting a planning partner to dream and brainstorm with. You’re getting someone who deeply cares about you and wants your day to exceed your expectations. You’re getting someone who values what is important to you and your partner. You’re getting an advocate who will enthusiastically do everything within her power to make sure you feel seen, celebrated, and supported from inquiry to “I do.”

After we tie a bow on your wedding day plans, you can expect me to tell your wedding day story through a lens of artistic, and emotive, storytelling moments- candidly documenting everything from the big, and awe-inspiring to the quiet, unassuming moments that take your breath away. Stolen glances, whispered promises, tender touches- all of it. Your photos should transport you back to a place in your mind where you can feel and relive your wedding day over and over again- and that is where I excel as an artist.

My unique perspective is born from the fires of critical care medicine where I’ve passionately served countless souls for nine years as a registered nurse. I deeply understand how precious life, love, and the human connection is, and that insight allows me to photograph you and the one you love in a way that feels incredibly personal. I also happen to be a hopeless romantic who knows how special eloping is because I eloped with the love of my life in a teeny-tiny courthouse room the day after a record-breaking blizzard.

Elopement Photographer for Cumberland MD and Beyond


If authentically capturing the full spectrum of love, emotion, and adventure on your wedding day resonates within you, look no further. I’m Auzar, and I’d love to get to know you, your partner, your love story, and everything that makes the two of you so special.



…and because your love story is beautifully unique, I offer fully customizable elopement packages starting at $1200. Your custom quote includes all travel costs, so no matter if you envision your day unfolding close to home or in an adventure halfway around the world, I’ll be there every step of the way without any surprises. I can’t wait to help you turn your wedding day dreams into a reality where love and unforgettable adventure merge into a picture-perfect experience – a Fire and Finch elopement is the limitless way to celebrate the start of your legacy together.

“Auzar is a gem. She is not only insanely talented but one of the warmest, friendliest, and most sincere people I’ve ever met. She takes great pride in her work and takes the time to get to know you. I’ve never met another photographer who goes out of their way to do this.”


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